OMGA Buddy Buddy Rd 1 results and bracket

Please click the link to see the results of this past weekends Buddy Buddy matches.  The next round is scheduled to be complete by no later than May 28th.  Those who had a “play in match” and still must play the “round 1 match” need to get their matches completed no later than May 7th, then play the next match by May 28th.

Thanks to everyone who played.  40 teams is a great turnout!

Bracket Tournament – 2017 OMGA Buddy Buddy rd 1

4/8 Saturday Stableford & Sunday Pick Your Pro results

Thanks to everyone who played this weeks Stableford game…here are the results:

37pts- John Brooks $40 sweeps

34pts- Anthony Thornton $30 sweeps

29pts- Denny Merrifield $20 sweeps

28pts- Rick Fleischer $10 sweeps


Masters Sunday Pick Your Pro results:

136- Mike Porter & Schwartzel $100 sweeps & a Limited Edition Masters Putter Cover

138- Rick Fleischer & McIlroy $70 sweeps

139- Tie- Ben Jansen & Rose/ Tom Larkin & Rose $25 sweeps each

141- Tie- Lenny Noe & McIlroy/ Scott Cheatham & Rose $15 sweeps each


Thanks again to everyone who played this weekend!! It’s going to be a great season.


Masters Fun Fact

The building of Augusta National almost never happened, and it remained an economic burden through World War II: Founded at the beginning of the Great Depression, the original business plan called for 1,800 members, but when the first Masters was held in 1934, the club only had 76 paying members. The club couldn’t afford to pay the first winner, Horton Smith (pictured), or any of the top finishers until 17 members chipped in for the purse. In 1946, the delivery of the winner’s plaque to Herman Keiser was delayed to give time for the club and its members to pay for the silver.

April 2 Sunday Skins Results

Net Skins
Player Skins Purse Details
Aldred, Kevin
1 $21.25 Eagle on 10
Carroll, Mark
1 $21.25 Eagle on 1
Steurer, Mark
1 $21.25 Eagle on 12
Fleischer, Rick
1 $21.25 Eagle on 5

Gross Skins
Player Skins Purse Details
Aldred, Kevin
1 $21.25 Birdie on 10
Carroll, Mark
1 $21.25 Birdie on 1
Steurer, Mark
1 $21.25 Birdie on 12
Young, Rob
1 $21.25 Birdie on 4

Master’s Week!

Welcome to golf’s greatest week of the year!  As we immerse ourselves in all things Master’s this week, we hope that you will join us at the OCC to improve upon your game and enjoy the camaraderie of watching the tournament with your buddies in the bar.  We will be updating with food and beverage specials throughout the week and giving you some fun facts about the Masters so check back often!

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