Oxmoor Country Club

Play one of the most beautiful private golf courses in Kentucky.
Enjoy golf the way you want it and never fight for a tee time.


OXMOOR COUNTRY CLUB and its clubhouse were developed and constructed in the late 1980’s. The Country Club was developed by HFH, Inc. The land that the club sits on dates back to the 18th century. Noted Indian fighter, William Christian, and his wife (a sister of Patrick Henry), pioneered the development of what is now a 1,000 acre tract. Their daughter married Alexander Scott Bullitt, who built the first “Oxmoor House” on the property. You may recognize that Kentucky Counties are named in honor of these famous families.

Thomas Bullitt and his wife, Kay, were instrumental in the development of the Oxmoor Steeplechase into a nationally known annual event. The steeplechase was held on the Oxmoor Country Club property from 1990-2002. Mr. Bullitt also played a key role in the development of both Oxmoor Country Club and the Oxmoor Mall Shopping Center.

Marketed in the late 1980’s as “affordable elegance” and designed to become the “next prestigious country club” in Louisville, Kentucky, original memberships sold for upwards of $25,000. The early years at Oxmoor Country Club (1989-1999) brought in many new members and enthusiasm was very high as business operations prospered. Oxmoor Country Club has hosted many prestigious events  including:  the Men’s and Women’s Kentucky Open, the Ned Beatty Pro-Am Classic, the Big East Women’s Golf Championship, the National Senior Olympics Golf Championship and the Swing Thought Professional Mini Tour.

In 2006, under the direction of Board President Vince Tyra, the members took over the club operations from the defunct HFH, Inc. Soon after, a new land lease agreement was established with the original Bullitt farm land owners and the Oxmoor Country Club membership was able to begin investing in the renovation of their club property. Since 2006 more than $1,000,000 has been invested in the club facilities.

In late 2019 club management changed hands, which brought about an exciting new reciprocal opportunity with Persimmon Ridge Golf Club and Polo Fields Golf and Country Club. The new management has rejuvenated the club with increased investment facility upgrades and course golf renovations. The future remains bright for this outstanding club, its amenities, and membership.


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